No, this is not a cookbook blog, rather little bite-size reviews of books I love. 

Why listen to my small voice on modern day literature? Well, I’ve become an aficionado in my little world after earning a BA in English in the 90’s and evolving into a voracious reader, averaging eight books on a slow month! Now I’m looking to expand your horizons too…with some excellent reading.

The majority of books I read are literature-and-fiction and memoirs. I get hooked on what we’re all looking for in a good read, great writing, steady pacing and interesting characters and plot. On the lighter side I like ’em kind of quirky (think, Where’d You Go Bernadette?, anything by Lianne Moriarty). I don’t do depressing, but if it’s here and it’s on the heavy side, it’s worth it (The Hours, Little Bee).

As for memoirs, I love them but they often frustrate me for being too self-indulgent. I admire authors who succeed beyond social and cultural restrictions (A Personal History, by Katherine Graham is one of my favorite books of All Time) or the unusual (Fairyland, by Alysia Abbott- if you’re not familiar with this one go get it!)

Not heavy into mysteries, but c’mon, we all loved Gone Girl.

Basically, I just want to share a great read and NOT waste your time with lengthy reviews…but rather, concise “book bites.” When I’m ready to recommend three I’ll post…here goes!